Wednesday, May 7, 2014

What Is Math?

What is Math?

This is probably the toughest word to give a definition to. How can you sum up a complex subject into a select few words? Math to me is not only a subject, but it can be an approach to life. Math is an undeniable part of our human experience. This is why it is necessary to know and understand. From the day we entered school, we have been presented with the term "math". For some of us, we may have a positive of negative opinion. Our opinions are developed based on our experiences or how it was presented. School is what should be held most responsible. Students begin to correlate negative feelings behind quizzes and tests and forget to see the real life applications math can hold. This is where my education major comes out. There is so much to learn and appreciate about the subject.  

When it comes to the history of mathematics, the part of math that I do understand is that it has come a long way from the beginning of time. Many people have come in and out of the content area. Some feelings unaccomplished and others making strides toward new discoveries. This is how our society experiences changes with discoveries. Every small piece of knowledge that is added to our world starts to form it into something new.

Probably one of the most influential milestones that I have studied in detail would be Euclid and his postulates. The work of one person has withstood the test of time and people after him have critiqued or used his work.

I am sorry to admit, that without any research, I cannot name any other milestones.

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